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I was tagged by Grif the-grifter to post 10 books. First, the Rules: In a text post, list ten books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you.

  1. Anne of Green Gables- Yes, the Whole Series. By LM Montgomery. My first “real” series I read about about 8/9. I was swept away by Anne’s world.
  2. Like Water for Chocolate. Laura Esquivel. I was young when I read this in a college lit course. Sharing the experience with other women was powerful
  3. Steppenwolf.  Hermann Hesse. I re-read it every few years. I can’t say that about any other book
  4. On Food and Cooking. Harold McGee. Not a novel, but I read it that way.
  5. The Color Purple.  Alice Walker. Read in high school in a small town. It opened my eyes to feminism and female relationships in a formative way.
  6. Uncle Tom’s Cabin. HB Stowe. I read this as a 5th grader. Powerful even then.
  7. Harry Potter. Always
  8. The Stories of Eva Luna. I love Isabel Allende
  9. Their Eyes Were Watching God. Zora Neale Hurston. Another read-it-in-college-with-amazing-women books.
  10. Eve and the Choice Made in Eden. This is the book that helped me reconnect with my feminism from inside the Mormon church. And helped me leave.

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This is the Pagan Pride Festival I will be attending this year. Its at a theme park too! Event is in Portland Oregon and if you are attending look for us! We are friendly, promise! :)

Putting this on my calendar!


This is the Pagan Pride Festival I will be attending this year. Its at a theme park too! Event is in Portland Oregon and if you are attending look for us! We are friendly, promise! :)

Putting this on my calendar!

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Making someone smile and moan at the same time during sex should be a life goal for everyone.

You can now pay someone’s delinquent Detroit water bill online 

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why the fuck wouldn’t you read a book, unless you’re illiterate

This literally made me sad and I just want to go to sleep now

I think it’s because people are so stressed and working all the time. Less college grads read than high school grads — that should tell you something. Capitalism crushes the people’s souls.

Plus, think of the books you have to read for class in high school/college. Unless you really enjoy a certain type of literature (and/or have a really great teacher) a lot of it is going to feel like junk you’re forced to suffer through.

So for quite a few people, their perception of “adult” books is super-dense language and unpleasant subject matter, while the last books they really enjoyed reading on their own terms (like those 500+ installment chapter book series) might not be something they consider appropriate/appealing for people their age.

I’m calling bullshit on this whole infographic. How would they even collect this kind of information? I sure as hell don’t remember seeing any questions about my reading habits the last time I took the US Census. Who are they polling? What’s their sample size? What demographic did they poll? This stinks.

So: “RobertBrewer.org” is the personal website of a Christian pastor. On his own website, he explains that the data is has been attributed to something called ‘the Jenkins Group,’ which is a book publisher, not an independent polling agency, and certainly not an unbiased source of data when it comes to reading habits. Brewer also explains that the Jenkins Group itself distances itself from the statistics: they were informally presented by the owner of the company at a party, and were never actually published.

When I read that, I hear “the owner of a publishing company pulled these numbers out of his ass to impress his friends, but since he’s the boss we can’t just say that,” but draw your own conclusions.

thank you, this is ridiculous

like, just for instance, physically going into a bookstore has little or nothing to do, these days, with whether or not you read books

also maybe a lot of books go unfinished because of Sturgeon’s Law? you know, 90% of everything is crap? maybe people don’t finish the books they buy because they found out the books suck. (most of the time when I don’t finish a book it’s because another book appealed to me more.)

and for real, 80% of families not buying or reading any books doesn’t ring true for me at all. at the absolute minimum there are a lot of families with kids who are reading books for bedtime stories, for school, whatever. more like “80% of families didn’t buy or read books from us

All I know is that this infographic makes me feel like Reader Georg.

I graduated college and have 4 kids. I also have a job and a house to care for. I rarely buy books (4 kids x a book for each = fucking expensive) but we use our library! We also download eBooks when they’re free or through the library e-collection. My kids get books as gifts too. We read every day without fail.
I read comstantly. Just not many novels sadly. But books in my field, parenting books, poly books, and spiritual texts for sure.
I agree these numbers sound like they came outta someone’s tipsy, arrogant ass.

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“For me, language is a freedom. As soon as you have found the words with which to express something, you are no longer incoherent, you are no longer trapped by your own emotions, by your own experiences; you can describe them, you can tell them, you can bring them out of yourself and give them to somebody else. That is an enormously liberating experience, and it worries me that more and more people are learning not to use language; they’re giving in to the banalities of the television media and shrinking their vocabulary, shrinking their own way of using this fabulous tool that human beings have refined over so many centuries into this extremely sensitive instrument. I don’t want to make it crude, I don’t want to make it into shopping-list language, I don’t want to make it into simply an exchange of information: I want to make it into the subtle, emotional, intellectual, freeing thing that it is and that it can be.”

Jeanette Winterson

There were people who went to sleep last night,
poor and rich and white and black,
but they will never wake again.

And those dead folks would give anything at all
for just five minutes of this weather
or ten minutes of plowing.

So you watch yourself about complaining.

What you’re supposed to do
when you don’t like a thing is change it.
If you can’t change it,
change the way you think about it.

Maya Angelou (via purplebuddhaproject)

I dunno, I just kinda thought adulthood would involve a bigger bank account and less acne.

Anonymous said: Smudging for cleansing is not cultural appropriation. The concept of spirit animal is not cultural appropriation. It's all universal. It's all SPIRITUAL. Shut up.



Eh.. from what I gather smudging is a larger ritual that involves smoke cleansing but is not just smoke cleansing. Its a ritual shared only in some NA closed cultures but smoke cleansing has started being called smudging and lessens the sacredness of the actual smudging ritual by limiting it to just smoke cleansing that everyone can do. So calling it smudging is appropriative but smoke cleansing and calling it smoke cleansing is not.

First off, Christo is absolutely correct. Smudging and smoke cleansing is not the same thing, as much as y’all ignorant fools try to make them out to be. Second off, get your racist little behind outta here. You do not get to decide what we share and what we do not. You do not simply get to decide that, after hundreds of years of genocide and oppression, our practices are simply ~spiritual~  and ~universal~. You particularly do not get a say in this when you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Wanna know part of the reason us indigenous folks get grumpy when y’all come in trying to steal our spirituality? I mean, other than the whole aspect where we have literally had to protect it with our lives in the face of those who were actively trying to destroy not only our culture but us. It’s because y’all have approximately zero idea what you are talking about. Y’all think “Oh, I burned some sage, said a few pretty words, and moved the smoke around. I’m totally smudging!” or “Oh, this animalistic spirit is offering me wisdom and guidance, totally my spirit animal! Tehehe!” NO, no, no, no, no, that’s not what any of that is or means. Not to mention the fact that when half assed, half understood concepts get thrown around as ~ancient Native American wisdom~ it just contributes to the idea that we aren’t actually human beings but stereotypes who exist solely to dispense ever so digestible sound bytes of ~wisdom~ so y’all can learn from the “savage” and “primal” side of humanity that other folks have some how lost to the modern world. Not the good ‘ole red man though right? We’re still plenty savage enough to dehumanize, commodify and tie up in a neat little package for the consumption of more ~civilized~ people. We aren’t your Pocahontas here to teach you all about how to live a more spiritual and pure life. We are 21st century people and our culture does not exist for you to pick apart and steal from. 

Here why don’t you take a few and educate yourself anon:
Article on the Lakota Deceleration of War against plastic shamans
Lakota Deceleration of War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality
Plastic Shamans and Astroturf Sundances: New Age Commercialization of Native American Spirituality.
New Aged Frauds, combating Plastic Shamans

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It is so difficult to talk about emotional abuse because it is so much bigger than the sum of its parts. The everyday instances, when isolated, seem so insignificant and commonplace that you feel it’s not worth mentioning at all. When you do try to articulate it, it sounds so…

Standing desk! Woohoo!
Thank you IKEA and you’re welcome back, hips, shoulders…

Act my age?
What the fuck is that, “act my age”?
What do I care how old I am?
The Ocean is old as fuck.
It will still drown your ass with vigor.

the greatest thing i have ever read (via jessicarabbrit)

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